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Product designer + Webflow Expert

I'm known for being a thoughtful designer with the goal of having a positive impact on people's life and the world around us.

"Kevin is a fantastic team member. He came into our group early in the year and ramped up quickly. His designs are clean and thoughtful — many of the most beautiful screens within our app started out in Kevin's hands. He has a fantastic attitude and is great with taking direction and collaborating with other team members. Any group will be instantly better with Kevin's contribution."

Mike Nizinski

Manager of Interface Design @ InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®)

"It's been a pleasure working with Kevin. Not only is he an immensely talented designer, spanning product design and web design, but he's also highly communicative and a strategic problem solver. We've been able to rely heavily on Kevin across a number of projects big and small — from campaign micro-sites, to complete overhauls our patient intake flow."

Gaby Izarra

Co-founder @ Hey Jane, Former Webflow

"I have worked with Kevin in multiple projects, where I've seen him excel visually, with a sharp eye to question design decisions, and question the "why?" behind some of the approaches taken. He is very kind, smart, and thoughtful, besides having great knowledge around design thinking, process optimization, product design, visual development, and Webflow, while still eager to learn, and focused on self-improvement."

Johnnie Gomez Alzaga

Staff Brand Designer @ Webflow

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