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Edgar Allan 2023


Brighton Park Capital

Helping Brighton Park Capital position themselves as industry and thought leaders

What I did

Sitemap, Wireframes, Design Direction, Design Production


Experience Designer


Edgar Allan + Brighton Park Capital


A content-first, mobile-first approach strategy, from sitemap to design, all driven by the concept of "Undivided Attention".


Undivided attention

BPC has a laser focus on people, companies and ideas. In order to express this throughout the whole site, we wanted the content to speak for itself. We accomplished that by creating a homepage and site structure that allowed us to showcase different highlights of this close, personal and trustable relationship BPC has with its clients, displaying great social-proof elements like client quotes or video interviews.


The "Islands" structure

Since we knew most BPC users would use mobile-first, we created a flexible layout that could easily adapt to all devices. We also created the concept of "islands" of content for each of the BPC relationships. Each block of content would display a great variety of information about the BPC portfolio, including founders, team members, and thought leadership content.

Design Direction

Approachable and trustable

BPC had a visual language they liked, but they wanted to look more approachable, human, and at the same time serious, confident and experienced. We created a visual universe for them that had their original essence, but we evolved that into a more modern and fresh look, with a new bold typography, icons with pops of color and a clean use of white space.

Homepage Design

Design Production

Expanding the universe

With the design direction selected, we expanded the possibilities. We applied the new BPC look to all their content, including Podcasts, Articles, Team member Pages and more. This allowed the BPC Team to easily add new pages and expand their portfolio by re-using elements of their new visual universe.

Design components

Results in numbers for Hey Jane