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Freelance 2022


Hey Jane

Making women healthcare accessible for all

What I did

Product design - Web design - Webflow development


Product designer, Web designer, Webflow developer


Hey Jane Marketing & Product Teams


Together with Hey Jane marketing and product team, we created a digital experience that operates as a virtual clinic for women.


When it comes to the health of a person, trust is the most important word for a brand.

That's what we wanted to accomplish with Hey Jane marketing team for the website, that works as a marketing tool and a virtual clinic. The main goal was to leverage the experience of real patients, the social media presence, and also giving the user the option to see videos of Hey Jane specialists first-hand. Below is one of the final mockups for the final website.

Final homepage mockup

Patient portal

We created a safe, private, and easy to use digital clinic

We completely redesigned the old, confusing patient portal to a brand new experience for patients, so they can easily load their data into the system with total privacy and understanding the treatment they are applying for, the results didn't take long to appear, user conversion improved remarkably.

Portal final mockups


Spreading the voice

One of the main strategies of Hey Jane Marketing Team is to react fast, because the world does. And when access to healthcare for women was in danger, Hey Jane asked me to come up with a quick landing page made in Webflow to invite other people to spread the message that Access is Freedom. This page was later featured in the New York Times.

Final design mockup

New York Times article featuring the website

Results in numbers for Hey Jane


Conversion rate increase

By introducing an abbreviated patient intake form


Conversion rate increase

By improving the patient flow Ul


Conversion rate increase

Creating a better checkout experience