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February 24, 2023

Why struggle is an opportunity

I have always been a person who tended to avoid uncertainty and looked for comfort. But what's the problem with that?

The intrinsic essence of life is change. Buddhism says that life is suffering, but I prefer the word change. With time, I have found that the most innovative things and personal growth happen to me when I confront an obstacle. When I'm comfortable, I tend to be less productive.

Nature loves to change, to be unpredictable, to be in charge. But we humans also love to be in charge, to control the un-controllable. I have also learned that nature is a great ally to help us grow. If we accept everything that nature throws at us we can use that to return to her something valuable.

Bigger the challenge, bigger the opportunity.

When we try harder to be safe, to not fail, we fail bigger. Control what you can control, that is, your actions and reactions towards the randomness of life. But never try to control the result, let nature decide the result.

If you start seeing difficulties as gifts, everything will start feeling lighter.

That stone will be no more a blocker, but the material to create a sculpture.