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January 4, 2023

Why every job is the most important job of your life

They say how you do anything is how you do everything and that couldn't be truer for your career and your life. Working with values is key for your progress as a professional.

The noble and honorable thing about work is not how big, impactful or relevant it is, but how good it is. A well made chair is equal to a well made house or ship. You ask, what means good? A good task is the one that is made with good values.

It can be the most ordinary task, but if it can do something good for just one person it is a noble task, and all noble task are equal, no matter the size of the task.

So, if all noble tasks are equal, that must be the case for our effort. We often find some tasks that are more boring than others and that's how it should be. Enjoyment comes from our consistency of being a person that, when the task is noble, will carry it on with the same disposition and delivering the best possible work.

We can't depend on the weather, our motivation or our desire to do something. Passion comes and go and emotions change. What makes us move forward and progress each day of our lives is how we carry on each small task with the same disposition without conditions.

What makes a great difference in you as a professional, is the steadiness in the quality of your work. Great athletes don't wait for motivation to workout, they do their best each day. Finding beauty and honor in any noble work is what will give you unbreakable joy.