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January 3, 2023

On the meaning of small, imperfect actions

We often overvalue the future over the present. We often overvalue perfectionism over imperfection.‍ We often procrastinate things because we can make it better the future, because an imperfect small act today won't change anything. Well, let me tell you something, it does.

Our lives are a repetition of days. Or days are a repetition of decisions. Each day is an opportunity to choose every act that you make. The things your body consumes, the things your mind consumes, the acts you do for yourself or others.

This article I'm writing wouldn't exist today if I had chosen to wait for the perfect moment, the time I'm not tired, or a time that is correct. You guessed it, the only correct time is now.

Differences in your life are made now, in the present moment.

Seneca once said that a day is equal to every day. So how you act today, is how you act the rest of your life. If you live each day of your life trying to reflect the person you want to be in each act that you make, you will become that person soon. You can even become that person today. Time just reinforces identity. But you don't need time, you just need one day, one day is enough to change anything you want.

Good acts are good acts, there's no imperfection if you see the intention of the act. Perfectionism often hinders action.

Act quickly, act imperfectly, do each day things that reflect who you are and who you want to be.